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PRESS RELEASE – Wednesday, September 21, 2016 


China wins the World Championship for Chinese Cuisine 2016 in Rotterdam, the Dutch team wins second prize.

WCCC 2016 Gold First PrizeFor three days Rotterdam has been the culinary center in the world of the absolute highest level of Chinese Cuisine. From all over the world 48 Chinese chef teams with more 240 chefs competed in the 8th edition of the World Championship of Chinese Cuisine (WCCC), the most prestigious competition for Chinese Chefs worldwide. The Chinese Culinary World Trophy is won by the Chinese chefs team from Shanghai. The Dutch team that won the second prize is the Association of New Eastern Cuisine.

During the WCCC 2016 all competing team were challenged to prepare eight dishes within 150 minutes, from cold traditional platters, with extremely complex Chinese cutting techniques, to warm dishes with the finest seafood, meat and poultry to typical Chinese pastry. The results were judged on taste, creativity and presentation by a distinguished culinary panel of 7 Chinese and 8 international judges, each with the highest expertise in Chinese fine food.

The 8th edition of the WCCC in Rotterdam not only showed that the deep traditions of over 5.000 years of Chinese culinary heritage still is practised on extremely high levels. The prize winning teams also distinguished themselves by their high level of creativity and innovation in modern culinary techniques. The chefs from the winning Chinese team from Shanghai are all teaching Chinese Gastronomy at the Yangzhou University, one of the most prestigious Universities in China. Third prize of the competition was won by the Chinese team COFCO Fook Lam Moon.

The Dutch team from the Association of New Asian Cuisine became second. The Silver Team were advised by master chef Chen Yu Yeh and the only Dutch Chinese Michelin starred chef Han Ji. The participating Dutch teams in general achieved great result and won many category prizes. A promising sign for the further improving quality of Chinese Cuisine in The Netherlands. Jack Wang, organizer of the WCCC 2016 in Rotterdam, is very proud on the results of the participating Dutch teams.

Jack WangSince 1992 the World Federation of Chinese Catering Industry in Beijing (WFCCI) organizes the most prestigious international competition in Chinese Cuisine. Commissioned by the WFCCI, the WCCC 2016 in Rotterdam is organized by the National Federation of Chinese Organizations in the Netherlands (LFCON), chaired by Mr Jack Wang. The LFCON wants to pay more attention to the high level of Asian cuisine in The Netherlands.

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Team members of the Gold Prize winning Chinese team from Shanghai:
– Tang Jian Hua
– Ji Bu Feng
– Zhu Zai Qing
– He Xiao Ling

Team members of the Silver winning Dutch Team from the Association of New Asian Cuisine:
– Maoyu Qin
– Yi Ming Zhong
– Hai Guang Wang
– Jing Kong

Team members of the Bronze winning team, COFCO Fook Lam Moon from China:
– Wang ZhongWei
– Zhou Songzhu
– Jiang Pengxiang
– Chen Yihong


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The World Championship of Chinese Cuisine (WCCC) is the most important international chefs contest in taste, techniques, innovation and creativity in Chinese fine food, by far the most popular cuisine in the world. WCCC is held every 4 years in carefully selected countries. The 8th edition of the prestigious global chefs contest is held in September 2016 in Rotterdam, the Asian meeting point in Europe. It’s the first time ever the WCCC is organized outside of Asia.

Over 400 chefs with the highest expertise in Chinese fine food are participating in 100 international chef’s teams, including Singapore, China, Malaysia, Taiwan, Japan, Netherlands, France, Spain and Korea. The teams are challenged to prepare six dishes within 2½ hours, from appetizers to main courses and desserts. The results will be judged by a distinguished culinary panel.

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