In 2015 the World Association of Chinese Cuisine (WACC) changed it’s name in 2016 in the World Federation of China Catering Industry (WFCCI). The WACC was established in 1991, launched by China Cuisine Association. The first convention of the Members’ Congress of WACC was held on July 15th in Beijing, China. It formally announced the establishment of WACC, with its headquarter in Beijing. The convention was presided by Jiang Xi, the president of China Cuisine Association. During the convention, the people present listened to a report on the preparation of WACC given by Lin Zepu, the secretary-general of China Cuisine Association, discussed and passed the constitution of the WACC, examined and approved the emblem and flag of WACC and elected the leading organs of WACC. Jiang Xi was elected to be the president of WACC. Zhou Yingnan(Singapore), Pan Honghong(France), Mei Liang(America) are elected to be the vice-presidents. Lin Zepu was elected to be the secretary-general and He Yizhao was elected to be the Treasurer.

The member units present at the first convention of the Members’ Congress of WACC include China Cuisine Association, China Beijing Research Institute of Cuisine Service in Catering Industry, China Shanghai Catering Professions Association, China Taibei Catering Institute, China Taibei Catering Research and Development Committee, Association of Restaurant Managers Ltd., Hong Kong Restaurants and Catering Professionals Committee, Association of Macau Restaurant Merchants, Japan Association of Chinese Cuisine, the Restaurant Association of Singapore, Singapore Restaurants Merchants’ Association, Singapore Restaurant Managers Association, the Malaysia Selangor & Federal Territory KUS uShinChoonHung Restaurant Association, Metro Washington Chinese Restaurant Association, International Culinary Exchange Council, American Overseas Chinese Restaurants Association, American Chinese Cuisine Association, and France You He( Group) Company Limited. The units above are the first members of WACC and the first directors of the executive council.

As time passed by, WACC has more and more members around the world and developed to the major global organization in the Chinese restaurant industry.

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The follows is some landmarks of WACC:

  • Nov.1992 – The First World Championship of Chinese Cuisine (WCCC) was held in Shanghai, China
  • Oct.1995 – The 2nd Congress of WACC was held in Toronto, Canada
  • March 2000 – The 3rd Congress and 3rd WCCC was held in Tokyo, Japan
  • Oct.2001 – WACC celebrated its 10th anniversary in Beijing
  • Jan.2002 – WACC organized first Seminar on international judge
  • June 2002 – The 4th WCCC was held in Kuala Lumper, Malaysia
  • Nov.2004 – The 4th Congress and 5th WCCC was held in Guangzhou, China
  • Oct.2006 – WACC celebrated its 15th Anniversary in Beijing
  • Oct.2008 – The 5th Congress and 6th WCCC was held in Beijing, China
  • Oct.2008 – WACC established its Famous Chefs Committee, 63 master chefs joined the first board.
  • Oct.19,2008 – the 1st Young Chef Challenge for Chinese Cuisine is held in Yangzhou,China.
  • Nov 16-18, 2012 – the 7th WCCC was held in Singapore. The Netherlands won 2 gold medals.
  • Dec. 2015 – WACC changed it’s name in the World Federation of China Catering Industry.
  • Sept. 19-21 – 8th WCCC in Rotterdam.

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