East meets West Chefs Challenge

East meets West WEBVisualOn Tuesday September 20, a unique culinary summit will take place during the World Championship of Chinese Cuisine 2016. Three of the highest qualified Chinese Master Chefs from Beijing will meet three European Michelin starred chefs (no less than 7 stars on stage!). At the highest level of the culinary world, the Chefs will discuss cultural differences and exchange culinary ideas, knowledge, skills and creativity on taste, ingredients and textures.

Participating Chefs:

  • Edwin Vinke – De Kromme Watergang**, Hoofdplaat (Z), The Netherlands
  • Filip Claeys – De Jonkman** in Brugge, Belgium
  • Loïc Villemin – Toya* in Faulquemont, France
  • Dongzhen Xiang (Da Dong) – Da Dong Roast Duck Restaurant in Beijing, China
  • Charles Li Chao – Century Golden Resources Hotel Group, China
  • Wang Haidong – Beijing Rui Dragon Hotel Executive Chef in Beijing, China
  • Host & presentation: Han Ji* and Edwin Loos*

Day Schedule Tuesday, September 20

  • 10:00 – 12:00 – Bridging Culinary Differences – A business debate with chefs, entrepeneurs and CEO’s in food.
  • 13:00 – 14:00 – Chefs Challenge 1: Da Dong vs. Edwin Vinke
  • 14:30 – 15:30 – Chefs Challenge 2: Charles Li Chao vs. Loïc Villemin
  • 16:00 – 17:00 – Chefs Challenge 3: Wang Haidong vs. Filip Claeys

The East meets West Chefs Challenge 2016 is an initiative of Han Ji, Chef at HanTing Cuisine* and Culinaire Saisonnier. The Chefs Challenge at the WCCC 2016 will be the kick of for the Culinary Summit that will be held in Beijing in 2017.


Chinese Master Chefs at the Challenge

Da Dong (Donzhen Xiang) Chinese artistic cuisine is focused on continuously innovating. Mr Dong has visited different countries and discussed multiple topics with Chinese top cooks. He has cooked for for many presidents that have visited China. He graduated with an MBA and holds many honorable titles such as Master of Chinese Cuisine, Beijing Cook of the Year, Best Cook of China. He is a member of Jinghua Master Chef Association and was name City Hero by “Time out” magazine.

Haidong Wang, is currently the vice secretary of International Chinese cuisine’s master chef of World Chinese Cuisine Industry Association. He is the founder of Tianxiangwending(Beijing) Corporation management consultancy Co. Ltd and the Head Chef of Beijing Ruilongyuan Hotel. He owns many honorable titles such National Advanced Cook, Master of Chinese Cuisine, the National cooking judge, privileged catering professor of Beijing Modern tourism College as well as various other titles. Mr. Wang started his cooking career in 1984 and career has earned him a good reputation in the food industry. He is passing on his skills to a next generation and is well known in the development of Chinese cuisine’s cooking skills.

Charles Li Chao (Quanchao Li), is currently the director of the International Chinese Cuisine’s master chef cook of the World Chinese Cuisine Industry Association. He is general manager of a Hotel Group. He is also a master chef. He is managing tutor of Cooking administration. He has been devoting himself to the catering industry for 30 years and he generally managed and developed 25 5 stars hotels. Nearly 2000 cooks report to him in the Shiji Jinyuan Hotel Group. He is considered a very experienced leader which has earned him a good reputation among the industry. He has cooked for the Chinese president, XIJINPING, former British prime minister John Major, Former Australian president Hawke, Former Philippine president Ramos, General director of WTO and other politicians as well as celebrities. Assigned by the China culture department, China diplomacy department and World Chinese Cuisine association, Mr. Li has travelled overseas to promote and educate the Chinese cuisine.


European Michelin-starred Chefs at the Challenge

Edwin Vinke** is a chef dedicated to his surroundings. He cherishes the local Zeeland values and cooks with local products from what this region offers. He thinks carefully before he acts. Together with his wife Blanche they provide the warm atmosphere in their restaurant “De Kromme Watergang”. His enormous enthusiasm, professionalism and passion are core values ​​witness his great achievements of recent years. Besides the rich variety of natural products that Zeeland offers, Edwin also has his own vegetable and herb garden that reflect the specific creativity and signature of the restaurant. Edwin Vinke published twee cook books, “Salty Clay” and From Zeeland Waters”, that focus deeply on the rich regional culinary habitat. In 2011 Gault Millau appointed him as Chef of the Year. That same year he received his second Michelin star.

Filip Claeys**, grandson of a fisherman and son of a chef. This parenthood determined the future of Philip Claeys, chef and owner of two Michelin star restaurant De Jonkman in Bruges. Deeply in love with his West Flemish regional cuisine and strongly influenced by his training with Geert Van Hecke at the Carmelite*** and Sergio Herman at Oud Sluis***. Filip decided to focus on the North Sea and the lives of fishermen and connect them strongly to his restaurant. The sea is full of beautiful and unknown fish that can easily replace a turbot or sole on a menu. His vision to use unmarketable fish in a gastronomic way in stead of processing it to fish flour created a better income for the local fishermen. Filip is founder of North Sea Chefs alliance, a collective of Belgian chefs with a strong focus on by catch from the North Sea on their menu.

Loïc Villemin* was born between pots and pans. His parents were both restaurateurs when started his education with great names like Jean-George Klein, L’Arnsbourg***, Patrick Bertron of the Relais Bernard Loiseau***, Arnaud Lallement at L’Assiette Champenoise***, Nicolas Lebec in Lyon** and Laurent Peugeot* in the Burgundy region. Back in his native Lorraine, Loïc and his father take over a hotel and restaurant complex in the town of Faulquemont in 2010. In 2012, he receives a Michelin star, that made him at the age of 25 France’s youngest starred chef. This huge young talent is unstoppable. He knows exactly how to adapt in every culture where his global journeys brings him. He has a strong focus on working with local products from a responsible agriculture, preferably from his own gardens. He follows the sea, the meat and poultry by the seasons. They form the fundamentals of a very creative cuisine which handles all aspects of a specific product in the dish.


Bridging Culinary Differences – Business Debate

YING XING is the executive vice president of The World Chinese Cuisine Industry Association, and currently the president of China QUANJUDE Co. ltd. In addition, he is the vice president of China Chain Stores and Franchise Association and also the vice president of China Institute of Business Economics. He has been awarded honors like one of 10 ‘China catering industry people of the year ’, ‘Contribution to The China franchise for a decade’ and even the gold prize of ‘Beijing Adolescent Entrepreneur’. He used to be one of the main editors of the textbooks for Self-taught higher education examinations, such as “the theory of the catering economy” and “the strategic management of catering company.”

Zhenxiang Dong, is currently the president of World Association of Chinese Cuisine (WACC)and one of its master chefs. He is also the president of Beijing Dadong Catering Investment Co. ltd and the founder of Dadong Chinese Artistic Cuisine as well as the president and general manager of Beijing Dadong Roast Duck Co. Ltd, a chain of restaurants known for its roast duck. For the last few years, this has drawn wide attention from all over China.

Bin Xing, born in Xinjiang, Shanxi, is a master of the Royal Cuisine’s Cooking skill. He is the fifth generation chef to do so. He is now the CEO and general manager of KAIRUI YUXIANDU catering investment holding group. He studied in the Nanjing Jinling Hotel Management Administrator College and obtained his EMBA from George Washington University. He also received a master degree in Finance from Qinghua University. He is the executive producer of ‘Kairui Royal famous dishes’ and the executive editor of Chinese Royal Cuisine magazine. Invited by the City Management Channel, Story Channel and Entertainment Channel of China National radio, he filmed different shows about food culture and tourism.

Lei Qin, is currently the president of Jiangsu Haitian Catering Co. Ltd, the director of World Chinese Cuisine Industry Association and also the president of Xuzhou Industry and Commerce catering chamber of commerce. Jiangsu Haitian Catering Co. Ltd was founded in Nov, 1999 and is a well-known professional catering company. It is one of the top 100 Chinese cuisine corporations and has been so for three years. The company has always endeavored to make a good combination between traditional Chinese cuisine and state-of-the-art management. The company stands for service and top quality. It has achieved some remarkable successes in the catering. Generally, the company has invested in the management of over 30 hotels and other enterprises including all of these: Jasmine catering Salon, Quanjude Roast Duck restaurant in Xuzhou and many others.

Jan van Lissum
Jan van Lissum, Royal Knight of the Order of the Netherlands, is president of the Dutch Association of Food Wine and Europe’s leading wine experts. Van Lissum is the leading person for GaultMillau Restaurant & Hotel Guide, one of Europe’s two rating agencies.

Rob Baan – CEO and founder of Koppert Cress.

Rob Baan, (03-05-56, Haarlem) is living in Enkhuizen, is married and has four children. He is the son of a police sergeant and comes from a family in which maritime and agriculture are a common thread. After some sea voyages, at a young age, he finished the Agricultural University, graduating in agricultural business. Here he became fascinated by the important Dutch seed industry. Working for one of the largest seed companies, Sluis & Groot (now Syngenta), he was active in more than 70 for 22 years. Among other activities he developed markets and established businesses in places such as China, India and Middle East. By the turn of the century one of his clients, Gerrit Koppert, was looking for a director for his company in Monster. Rob joined the company and after two years, in 2002, he took over the exclusive micro-vegetables nursery. Since then Rob is active with his own company, Koppert Cress. In this company Baan is targeting the top chefs in the world with inspiring micro-vegetables. His aim is to be a value partner in the cuisine with the taste, innovation, color, smell and decorative aspects of his products. The marketing concept introduced by Baan focuses on the end of the gastronomy chain. His passion for food and especially 22 years of international travel experience came in handy here. The products range has grown since Rob acquired the company from five species to more than sixty. Koppert Cress is a market leader and is on the verge of many more innovations. Koppert Cress in Monster has one of the most modern and sustainable production greenhouses in the world, with “state of the art” LED lighting, heat storage in the soil and wind and solar energy. In addition to activities for Koppert Cress is Rob Baan also active in other areas. Rob was co-initiator of the cooking channel 24Kitchen, the station that encourage healthy eating among consumers.

Edwin Loos – Chief editor at Culinaire Saisonnier

Han Ji
Serial entrepreneur and chef Han Ji (1976) was born in Qingdao, China and moved to The Netherlands to complete his studies Econometry and International Economics at the University of Maastricht in 2002. In 2004 he opened his first restaurant in Vlaardingen. In 2009 he founded HanTing Cuisine in The Hague, awarded with a Michelin star in 2012. This marked the beginning of the Han Group that consists of four divisions: Han Food, Han Health, Han Media and Han Foundation. Part of Han Food are the shared-dining restaurants UMAMI by Han and Red Chilli. Mission of the Han Group is building bridges between Asia and Europe and share knowledge and experience, aiming to create a healthier world. Through his projects Han Ji wants to make Europe more conscious about the influence of nutrition on the human body. Han Ji is inspired by Traditional Chinese Medicine. The HanTing Academy investigates the influences of Chinese herbs on human health in cooparion with universities such as the Shandong University of Traditional Chinese Medicine.